Welcome to Brightwater School

At Brightwater School we take great pride in creating a learning environment where all children are valued and given the opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically in a safe and caring manner.

All school programmes and activities are aimed at meeting the needs of all children, giving them the opportunity to extend their learning and to provide them with a wide range of educational experiences both at school and in the wider community.

At Brightwater School we believe:
  • Children should acquire excellence in Literacy and Numeracy skills at or above their chronological age.
  • Children should be exposed to a wide variety of activities and be encouraged to have a go and to develop the confidence to succeed.

  • Our school have a family friendly atmosphere.
  • As parents and caregivers you are a valuable part of Brightwater School. We welcome your involvement in our school and look forward to developing a strong partnership with you, where we all work together to make your child’s schooling a positive experience. Helping support your child's learning by building a good relationship with your child's teacher, finding out how your child is going and working together to support their learning is important at Brightwater School.
Brightwater School has a supportive Board of Trustees, an active Parent Support Group, enthusiastic and capable staff and we look forward to working with you in our unique environment.
About Brightwater School

Brightwater School (established 1888) is a semi rural school on the main street of a small village. State Highway 6 is adjacent to the south-east boundary. The school is comprised of six separated buildings- a block of two classrooms; 1 block of 3 classrooms and 1 block of 4 classrooms. The school roll in 2013 rose to reach 300 pupils.

Description of the School Community

Brightwater School is situated on State Highway 6, approximately 20kms south-west of Nelson. The nearest fully serviced town is Richmond, 8kms north on S.H.6. The majority of caregivers identify as of European descent with approximately ten percent as of Maori descent. Views of the community and caregivers reflect confidence in the school. They expect their children to be happy, confident and secure at school. Farming and forestry characterise the area. As part of the Waimea Plains it is a mixture of pastoral and horticultural units and adjacent river valleys. The farming community consists of long established families and new-comers attracted to the lifestyle provided by a hobby-farm or small horticulture unit. The community combines the rural sector with a significant semi urban population. Many children live in the township, with the remaining children carried by bus to the school from surrounding areas. New subdivisions are coming onto the market regularly.
Facilities provided in Brightwater
  • Sports Clubs - Tennis, netball, rugby, cricket, squash, croquet, bowls (centred around clubrooms), 3 tennis and 2 netball courts, children's playground - all parts of the Memorial Hall Domain Reserve.
Scouts, Cubs, Guides, Brownies, Pippins have active organisations. 

  • Plunket provides a regular service.

  • There is a Garden Club which holds shows three weekends each year.
A Kindergarten is situated in the centre of Brightwater.

  • The Brightwater Play Centre, 3km away, is permanently established at the old Spring Grove School.

  • Medical services are available at Richmond or Wakefield (8kms south).

  • The nearest banking facilities are in Richmond. 
  • Currently operating is a supermarket with postal agency, hairdresser, garage, dairy/take-away, hotel with restaurant and motels, and several potteries (within close proximity). 

  • Brightwater is an ideal place to bring up a family in a relaxed countrified atmosphere with an enviable climate. Recreational opportunities abound with numerous rivers, beaches, picnic spots, tramping and hiking areas accessible within short travelling distances.